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Think of a cryptocurrency as a digital version of fiat currency such as the USD or GBP.

Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency and the father of all the different virtual currencies that you can find today. It was created in 2009 and has since then grown to the size it is today, being something that the mainstream public also knows about. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is not regulated by any sort of bank, but controlled by the people and its sophisticated coding, ensuring that there will only be a certain number of Bitcoins in circulation ever and that no more can be created.

Bitcoin is a recognized virtual currency that has been devised for anonymous payments made entirely independently of governments and banks.

In recent years, Bitcoin has generated a great deal of attention on several fronts. Bitcoin payments are based on a new interesting technical solution and function differently to traditional payments.

In certain payment situations, Bitcoin can bring advantages in the form of lower costs, rapidity, anonymity, etc. over traditional payment methods.

Use of Bitcoin for payments is low today, and although Bitcoin’s future is uncertain, it is an interesting innovation worthy of learning about.

Our Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency courses provide a comprehensive understanding of what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Learn how Bitcoin is used as a globally based cryptocurrency and get involved with it practically. Whether you’re taking those first few steps learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency or just looking to improve your understanding of the crypto world, we have the right course for you!

(6 hours)

In our beginners level course you will gain an understanding about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

This course will cover how you can safely, securely purchase and store Bitcoin alongside other Cryptocurrencies.

(6 hours)

In our Intermediate level course you further enrich your knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

You will gain an understanding about all the different types of altcoins and how to purchase them.

This course will cover how you can buy, sell and transfer the different altcoins. You will also learn how to use a cryptocurrency platform to keep track and follow your altcoins in a safe and secure way.

(6 hours)

In our Advanced level course you will gain a deeper understanding on all the cryptocurrency platforms available.

You will gain a deep understanding on being able to purchase cryptocurrencies that are below value.

This course will cover how you can profit from cryptocurrencies. You will also learn how to use the various platforms to make profits short term and for the long term.

All Courses for only 100 AED per hour

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