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Welcome to our policy on cookies. Please read the following information on cookies carefully as your continued use of this website means that you must agree with our use of cookies. By visiting this website with your browser set to accept cookies (and ticking “Agree” in the welcome popup ) we reasonably assume that you want to use our website and the functionality offered through our website, and that you consent to our use of cookies, as described in this policy. If you have visited this website with cookies disabled then some of the functionality of this website may not work as intended. The information below describes how we use cookies and also provides you with the information required to modify your browser settings to control your browser’s use of cookies.


They are very small text files that are created by a website through a browser on your computer. They are used to help you navigate a website, identify preferences and perform specific functions, for example, you input a room’s dimensions into a text box on a website and the website then automatically calculates the materials required for each product page that you visit on that website.
Most websites these days use cookies to enhance the usability of the site and to make navigating a website easier and more intuitive, so disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain websites, or from using certain functions within a website. When you use a browser to load a website that uses cookies, if the browser settings enable the use of cookies, it will allow the website to send a small text file, or cookie, to your computer’s hard drive. When you visit subsequent pages on the website it may use the information inside the cookie to provide certain functionality. When you revisit the website it may again request that cookie to further assist functionality within that website e.g. automatically remember the product you last looked at.
For more information on Cookies and how to control their use please visit AboutCookies.org


We use cookies on this website for the several purposes:
1. Site performance cookies These Improve site performance by caching some of the website on your computer.
2. Anonymous analytics cookies Anonymously tracking page visits, hits, search terms, visitor locations etc. for statistical purposes, which help us to improve our services. We use Google Analytics to provide us with information about use of the website, examples of this statistical information would be how many visitors from United Kingdom we have had, how many visitors used Internet Explorer as a browser, how many pages were visited today, what words visitors search for to find our website etc.
3. Geo-targeting cookies These cookies are used by software which tries to work out what country you are in from the information supplied by your browser when you click on a web page. This Information is completely Anonymous and is designed for the site to serve the correct content for you particular location. For example: changing the default site language to French if we detect that you are trying to access the British AcademyfromFrance.
4. Registration cookies When you register with the British Academy, we generate cookies that let us know whether you are signed in or not. Our servers use these cookies to work out which account you are signed in with, and if you are allowed access to a particular service such as Our On-line learning platform or accommodation application. It also allows us to associate any blog comments you post with your username. If you have not selected 'keep me signed in', your cookies get deleted when you either close your browser or shut down your computer. While you are signed into the site, we combine information from your registration cookies with analytics cookies, which we could use to identify which pages you have seen on the British Academy website.


If you want to control the use of cookies via your browser then we recommend that you use the help menu within the browser of your choice. Obviously, there are many browsers available on a variety of devices, so it is difficult to provide you with precise instructions, but if you seek out the help menu and search for ‘cookie’ you should find the appropriate guidance for your browser.


If you are looking for our website terms and conditions please see our Terms and conditions page.

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