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What Does the British Academy Home Schooling Programme have to offer?





Our Home Schooling programme is an alternative education solution that families in Dubai and the UAE can opt for. Parents want the best for their children and education is at the top of their ‘to do’ list.

Home Schooling gives parents the flexibility to pick & choose accredited tutors as well as a preferred curriculum, thereby offering parents the freedom to choose and explore individual interests and tailor children’s’ preferred areas of study.

Concerned parents also have the peace of mind that their child is getting the attention and support he or she needs in order to grasp a difficult concept in math’s or chemistry, and master the techniques required to succeed in an English listening or reading exam.

For some parents, Home Schooling is the more affordable option, and in our BAME Classrooms, we provide children with a great state-of-the-art learning environment where they can not only socialise with their peers, but all the required resources likes pens, pencils, notepads and even iTablets are provided for successful content-rich learning to occur.

Extensive research carried out in the US has consistently shown that children who are home-schooled score better in exams than children in state schools. The Home School Progress Report of 2009, conducted by Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute and reported in the Washington Times, surveyed more than 11,000 home-schooled children and found that, on average, a home-schooled child scored 37% higher in standardised achievement tests than their publicly-schooled counterparts.

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