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Private tuition to support all learners.

    Our tutors work with students to enhance their learning across different subjects and prepare them for exams.
      Advantages students can gain from tuition classes
        - No longer struggling to study for exams
          - Help develop better study skills
            - Help perform better in exams
              - Make learning enjoyable
                - Simplify learning
                  - Increase self confidence

                    Subjects :

                    • Physics
                    • Chemistry
                    • Biology
                    • Maths
                    • English
                    • French
                                • What the course will include:

                                (i)Pre-course placement test
                                  (ii) Individual learning plan for each student
                                    (iii) Continuous student assessment
                                      (iv) Bi-monthly tutorials to discuss each student's progress and learning needs
                                        (v) Progress reports

Let us help you shape your future...